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Futa - Careless

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Definition of careless
- Careless adj
- Marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful; "careless about her clothes"; "forgotten by some careless person"; "a careless housekeeper"; "careless proofreading"; "it was a careless mistake"; "hurt by a careless remark" [ant: {careful}]
- Effortless and unstudied; "an impression of careless elegance"; "danced with careless grace"
- (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration; "careless of the consequences"; "the proverbial grasshopper--thoughtless of tomorrow"; "crushing the blooms with regardless tread" [syn: {careless(p)}, {thoughtless(p)}, {regardless}]
- Showing an unthinking lack of consideration; "a careless remark"
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