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Definition of hole
- Hole n
- An opening into or through something
- An opening deliberately made in or through something
- One playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course; "he played 18 holes" [syn: {golf hole}]
- An unoccupied space
- A depression hollowed out of solid matter [syn: {hollow}]
- A fault; "he shot holes in my argument"
- Informal terms for a difficult situation; "he got into a terrible fix"; "he made a muddle of his marriage" [syn: {fix}, {jam}, {mess}, {muddle}, {pickle}, {kettle of fish}]
- Informal terms for the mouth [syn: {trap}, {cakehole}, {maw}, {yap}, {gob}] v
- Hit the ball into the hole [syn: {hole out}]
- Make holes in
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