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Amukelani - Welcome. Appreciate. Accept

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Example of useAmukelani vavhakachi - Welcome guests
Example of useAmukelani leswi mi ngana swona-Appreciate what you have
Example of useAmukelani xiyimo- Accept the situation

Definition of welcome
- Welcome adj : giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted; "a welcome relief"; "a welcome guest"; "made the children feel welcome"; "you are welcome to join us" [ant: {unwelcome}] n
- The state of being welcome; "don't outstay your welcome"
- A greeting or reception; "the proposal got a warm welcome" v
- Accept gladly; "I welcome your proposals"
- Bid welcome to; greet upon arrival [syn: {receive}] [ant: {say farewell}]
- Receive someone, as into one's house
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