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A list of Xitsonga proverbs translated to English.
  • A proverb is xivuriso in Xitsonga.
  • A proverb is a short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.
  • The translation in english are directed and some are interpretations.
  • The community is correcting the information on this page.
Ximinta ntsengele xi tshemba nkoloHe who swallows a large stone has confidence in the size of his throat
Xinamu xi dlele nkwahleSlowness killed a lizard
Xirhami xi vuyisa na n'wana evukatiniChillness causes a girl to come back to her parents house from her husbands house
Xisuti xa mbuti xi tiva hi n'wini wa xonaThe waist of a goat is known by the owner

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