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A list of Proverbs about animals
  • A proverb is xivuriso in Xitsonga.
  • A proverb is a short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.
  • The translation in english are directed and some are interpretations.
  • The community is correcting the information on this page.
Huma mhiri se ku nghena mambaA python should leave for the black mamba to go in - To beat someone on something very important
I kwakwa ra sekwa mavonela ekuleThe blessings of a duck is that it can see things which are far
I malebvu ya nghalaIt is a lion's beard
I tihomu ta ka Sono ti gomolana exivaleniCattle fighting in a kraal ( A family is discussing family matters )
Ku tlula ka mhala swi letela n'wana wa le ndzeniThe way an impala jumps. It influences its unborn child. ( A child often takes after their mother )
Laha ku nga ni tinhongani ku borile xiloWhere there are flies there's a rotten thing
Mahlo ya kwahle ya tiva hi muyevuriYou don't know something until you experience it
Makondlo mabirhi a ya celi mbovo wun'weTwo rats cannot dig the same hole
Mavala ya mangwa i man'weStripes of a zebra are all the same ( Mintirho ya vavasati ya fana/ Women's deeds are normally the same)
Xikomu xo lomba axina ndzimaThe strength of a crocodile is water ( Munhu u tiya hi loko a ri na va ka vona/ a person is stronger when his or her own people are around)

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