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Xitsonga.org's mission is to teach people the Xitsonga language and to provide a bridge between Xitsonga and other languages. People use our platforms to learn Xitsonga and Xitsonga language speakers use our platforms to learn other languages.

We are committed to developing tools for people to learn Xitsonga and to publishing resources of quality to encourage and help people from around the world to learn Xitsonga.


Xitsonga.org was founded on the 10th of March 2012 by Mukondli Dumela. The idea started when Mukondli was unable to find resources on the internet for a Xitsonga names research project. Since then it became his passion to find resources and publish for millions of people to access freely.


We are currently not offering any services. We are focusing on developing tools for learning.

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sneidon.dumela@gmail.com / 0710112950
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