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Mfenhe - Baboon

Mfenhe is a Xitsonga word meaning "Baboon" in English.

Oxford definition
Baboon n. Large long-nosed african and arabian monkey. [french or medieval latin].

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Proverbs - N'wana wa mfenhe a nga tsandziwi hi rhavi — The child of baboon does not fail a branch
Idioms - Ku banana hi rhambu ra mfenhe — To hit each other with a baboons bone
Proverbs - Mfenhe loko yi khome vulombe yi famba hi milenge yinharhu — A baboon with honey walks on three legs
Proverbs - Mfenhe a yi tivoni makovo — A baboon can't see if he's ugly

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