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Natural - Swantumbuluko

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Definition of natural
- Natural adj
- In accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature; "a very natural development"; "our natural environment"; "natural science"; "natural resources"; "natural cliffs"; "natural phenomena" [ant: {unnatural}]
- Existing in or produced by nature; not artificial or imitation; "a natural pearl"; "natural gas"; "natural silk"; "natural blonde hair"; "a natural sweetener"; "natural fertilizers" [ant: {artificial}]
- Existing in or in conformity with nature or the observable world; neither supernatural nor magical; "a perfectly natural explanation" [ant: {supernatural}]
- Functioning or occurring in a normal way; lacking abnormalities or deficiencies; "it's the natural thing to happen"; "natural immunity"; "a grandparent's natural affection for a grandchild"
- Of a key containing no sharps or flats; "B natural" [ant: {sharp}, {flat}]
- Unthinking; prompted by (or as if by) instinct; "a cat's natural aversion to water"; "offering to help was as instinctive as breathing" [syn: {instinctive}]
- (used especially of commodities) in the natural unprocessed condition; "natural yogurt"; "natural produce"; "raw wool"; "raw sugar"; "bales of rude cotton" [syn: {raw(a)}, {rude(a)}]
- Related by blood; not adopted; "natural parent"
- Being talented through inherited qualities; "a natural leader"; "a born musician"; "an innate talent" [syn: {born(p)}, {innate(p)}]
- Unaffected and natural looking; "a lifelike pose"; "a natural reaction" [syn: {lifelike}] n
- Someone regarded as certain to succeed; "he's a natural for the job"
- A notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat [syn: {cancel}]
- (craps) a first roll of 7 or 11 that immediately wins the stake
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