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Definition of prize
- Prize adj : of superior grade; "choice wines"; "prime beef"; "prize carnations"; "quality paper"; "select peaches" [syn: {choice}, {prime(a)}, {quality}, {select}] n
- Something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery; "the prize was a free trip to Europe" [syn: {award}]
- Goods or money obtained illegally [syn: {loot}, {booty}, {pillage}, {plunder}, {swag}, {dirty money}]
- Something given as a token of victory [syn: {trophy}] v
- Hold dear; "I prize these old photographs" [syn: {value}, {treasure}, {appreciate}]
- To move or force, especially in an effort to get something open; "The burglar jimmied the lock", "Raccoons managed to pry the lid off the garbage pail" [syn: {pry}, {prise}, {lever}, {jimmy}]
- Regard highly; think much of; "I respect his judgement"; "We prize his creativity" [syn: {respect}, {esteem}, {value}, {prise}] [ant: {disrespect}, {disrespect}]
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