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Johana - John

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Johana is a Xitsonga word meaning "John" in English. No rating. Help us improve content quality by rating below or by sending a suggestion

Definition of john
- John n
- A room equipped with toilet facilities [syn: {toilet}, {lavatory}, {lav}, {can}, {privy}, {bathroom}]
- Youngest son of Henry II; King of England from 1199 to 1216; succeeded to the throne on the death of his brother Richard I; lost his French possessions; in 1215 John was compelled by the barons to sign the Magna Carta (1167-1216) [syn: {King John}, {John Lackland}]
- (New Testament) disciple of Jesus; traditionally said to be the author of the 4th Gospel and three epistles and the book of Revelation [syn: {Saint John}, {St. John}, {Saint John the Apostle}, {St. John the Apostle}, {John the Evangelist}, {John the Divine}]
- A prostitute's customer [syn: {whoremaster}, {whoremonger}]
- The last of the four Gospels in the New Testament [syn: {Gospel According to John}]
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