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Kombela - Ask

Kombela is a Xitsonga word meaning "Ask" in English.

Oxford definition
Ask v.
- Call for an answer to or about (ask her about it; ask him his name).
- Seek to obtain from someone (ask a favour of).

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Phrases - Ndzi kombela u ndzi rivalela — Please forgive me
Phrases - Ndzi kombela ku rivaleriwa — I am asking to be forgiven
Phrases - Ndzi kombela ku xaveriwa swakudya — I am asking you to buy me food
Phrases - Ndzi kombela u — Can you please
Phrases - Ndza kombela — Please
Phrases - Ndzi kombela ku khomeriwa — I am asking to be forgiven
Phrases - Ndzi kombela mali — I am asking for money
Phrases - Ndzi ta kombela mati — I will ask for some water
Phrases - Ndzi kombela mati — I am asking for water

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