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Kule - Far

Kule is a Xitsonga word meaning "Far" in English.

Oxford definition
Far (further, furthest or farther, farthest) —adv.
- At, to, or by a great distance (far away; far off; far out).
- A long way (off) in space or time (are you travelling far?).

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Proverbs - Nkoka wo ya kule a wu na nyama — A long trail doesn't have meat
Proverbs - Nhonga ya le kule a yi dlayi nyoka — A stick which is far cannot kill a snake
Phrases - Ka hari kule la hi yaka kona — It is still far where we going
Proverbs - I kwakwa ra sekwa ma vonela e kule — The blessings of a duck is that it can see things which are far
Phrases - I kule — It's far

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