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N'wana - Baby. Child

N'wana is a Xitsonga word meaning "Baby. Child" in English.


Oxford definition
Baby —n. (pl. -ies.
- Very young child.
- Childish person.

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Proverbs - Kuwa ra le tshyakeni u dyisa hi n'wana — Only your child can feed you a dirty fig fruit
Phrases - N'wana wa nhwanyana — Baby girl
Proverbs - N'wana u tseme mubya — A disobedient child
Proverbs - N'wana loko a nga rili u ta fela a dzobyeni — A child who does not cry will die unnoticed at the back of his mother
Proverbs - N'wana wa nyoka i nyoka — An offspring of snake is a snake
Proverbs - N'wana wa mfenhe a nga tsandziwi hi rhavi — The child of baboon does not fail a branch
Proverbs - Ku tlula ka mhala swi letela n'wana wa le ndzeni — The way an impala jumps influences its unborn child

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