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Nghala - Lion

Nghala is a Xitsonga word meaning "Lion" in English.

Oxford definition
Lion n.
- (fem. Lioness) large tawny flesh-eating wild cat of africa and s. Asia.
- (the lion) zodiacal sign or constellation leo.

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Proverbs - Emahlweni ka nghala ku fambiwa na xisana — When you go in front of a lion you must take a fire
Proverbs - Mbyana leyi hanyaka yi tlula nghala leyi feke — A living dog is better than a dead lion
Proverbs - I malebvu ya nghala — It is a lion's beard
Proverbs - Nghala yi vomba exihlahleni — A lion roars in the bush
Proverbs - Nghala yi etlele na khwiri ra yona — A lion sleeps with its stomach

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