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Nsinya - Tree

Nsinya is a Xitsonga word meaning "Tree" in English.

Oxford definition
Tree —n.
- Perennial plant with a woody self-supporting main stem or trunk and usu. Unbranched for some distance above the ground.
- Piece or frame of wood etc. For various purposes (shoe-tree).

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Proverbs - Nsinya wa le ndzelekanini a wu na n'winyi — A tree grown in the boundaries have no owner
Proverbs - U nga sahi nsinya hi vuxika, u ta tshwa hi mumu hi ximumu — Do not cut the tree in winter, you will burn by sun in summer.
Proverbs - Loko u tsundzuka mhelembe khandziya nsinya — When you think of a rhino immediately climb a tree

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