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Tihele - Hell

Tihele is a Xitsonga word meaning "Hell" in English.

Oxford definition
Hell —n.
- Place regarded in some religions as the abode of the dead, or of devils and condemned sinners.
- Place or state of misery or wickedness. —int. Expressing anger, surprise, etc.  the hell (usu. Prec. By what, where, who, etc.) Expressing anger, disbelief, etc. (who the hell is this?; the hell you are!). Beat etc. The hell out of colloq. Beat etc. Without restraint. Come hell or high water no matter what the difficulties. For the hell of it colloq. Just for fun. Get hell colloq. Be severely scolded or punished. Give a person hell colloq. Scold or punish a person. A (or one) hell of a colloq. Outstanding example of (a hell of a mess; one hell of a party). Like hell colloq.

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