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Tiva - Know

Tiva is a Xitsonga word meaning "Know" in English.
Same spellings: Tiva - Lake. Pool

Oxford definition
Know v. (past knew; past part. Known.
- (often foll. By that, how, what, etc.) A have in the mind; have learnt; be able to recall (knows a lot about cars). B (also absol.) Be aware of (a fact) (i think he knows). C have a good command of (knew german; knows his tables)..

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Phrases - Ndza swi tiva ku ule ku hembeni — I know you are lying
Proverbs - Mahlo ya kwahle ya tiva hi muyevuri — The eyes of lizard are only seen by the hunter who kills it
Proverbs - Xisuti xa mbuti xi tiva hi n'wini wa xona — The waist of a goat is known by the owner.

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