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Vilela - Grumble

Vilela is a Xitsonga word meaning "Grumble" in English. Item has no rating. Help improve content quality by rating below.

Definition of grumble
- Grumble n
- A loud low dull continuous noise; "they heard the rumbling of thunder" [syn: {rumble}, {rumbling}, {grumbling}]
- A complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone [syn: {grumbling}, {murmur}, {murmuring}, {mutter}, {muttering}] v
- Show one's unhappiness or critical attitude; "He scolded about anything that he thought was wrong"; "We grumbled about the increased work load" [syn: {grouch}, {scold}]
- Make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath; "she grumbles when she feels overworked" [syn: {murmur}, {mutter}, {croak}, {gnarl}]
- To utter or emit low dull rumbling sounds; "he grumbled a rude response"; "Stones grumbled down the cliff" [syn: {growl}, {rumble}]
- Make a low noise; "rumbling thunder" [syn: {rumble}]
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