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Loko - If

Loko is a Xitsonga word meaning "If" in English.

Oxford definition
If —conj.
- Introducing a conditional clause: a on the condition or supposition that; in the event that (if he comes i will tell him; if you are tired we can rest). B (with past tense) implying that the condition is not fulfilled (if i knew i would say).
- Even though (i'll finish it, if it takes me all day).

Source: https://www.oed.com
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Proverbs - Loko u nga fambi u ta teka makwavo — If you don't travel you'll marry your sibling
Proverbs - Mbyana loko yi lava ku ku luma ya n'wayitela — A dog smiles when it intends to bite you
Proverbs - N'wana loko a nga rili u ta fela a dzobyeni — A child who does not cry will die unnoticed at the back of his mother
Proverbs - Xihlovo a xi dungiwi loko u heta ku nwa mati — Do not close the well after having drunk
Proverbs - Loko u tsundzuka mhelembe khandziya nsinya — When you think of a rhino immediately climb a tree
Proverbs - Hi ta ku i timangwa loko hi vona mavala — We will say it's zebras when we see the stripes
Proverbs - Mfenhe loko yi khome vulombe yi famba hi milenge yinharhu — A baboon with honey walks on three legs

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