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This is a list of common Xitsonga phrases translated to English.
  • A phrase is xivulwana in Xitsonga
  • The community is correcting the information on this page.

A hi minaIt's not me
A ku hisiIt's not hot
A ku titimeliIt's not cold
A ku ve khisimusi lerineneMerry christmas
A ndzi hembiI am not lying
A ndzi ku rhandzaI loved you
A ndzi ku rhandziI don't love you
A ndzi swilavaI wanted to or I wanted it
A ndzi swilaviI don't want
A ndzi tile ka n'wina toloI came to your place yesterday
A ndzi tiviI don't know
A ni na nchumuI don't have anything
A ni nge tshukiI will never
A ni ringeta ku endla xiculuI was just trying to make gravy
A ni swilaviI don't want to or I don't want it
A ni switiviI don't know
A switirhi It does not work
A wu ri kwihiWhere were you
A wu vuliYou not saying
Aka yindluBuild a house
Dyana na minaEat with me
Ematikweni yo talaIn many countries
Famba kahle Go well
Famba kayaGo home
Famba kerekeniGo to church
Famba khwajaGo to glean
Famba ntirhweniGo to work
Famba swekaGo cook
Famba xikolweniGo to school
Gidi wa tirhandiR1000

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