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Twana - Hear. Listen

Twana is a Xitsonga word meaning "Hear. Listen" in English. Item has no rating. Help improve content quality by rating below.


Definition of hear
- Hear v
- Perceive (sound) via the auditory sense
- Get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally; "I learned that she has two grown-up children"; "I see that you have been promoted" [syn: {learn}, {get word}, {get wind}, {pick up}, {find out}, {get a line}, {discover}, {see}]
- Examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process; "The jury had heard all the evidence"; "The case will be tried in California" [syn: {try}]
- Receive a communication from someone; "We heard nothing from our son for five years"
- Listen and pay attention; "Listen to your father"; "We must hear the expert before we make a decision" [syn: {listen}, {take heed}] [also: {heard}]
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