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A list of Xitsonga idioms translated to English.
  • An idiom is xivulavulelo in Xitsonga.
  • An idiom is a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs, see the light).
  • The translation in english are directed and some are interpretations.
  • The community is correcting the information on this page.
Ku ba ndlopfu hi xibakeleDirect - To hit an elephant with a fist
Meaning - Ambitious goal
Ku banana hi rhambu ra mfenheDirect - To hit each other with a baboons bone
Meaning - To exchange gifts with relatives only
Ku banana hi rhanga ro hisaDirect - To hit each other with a hot potato
Meaning - Ku lumbetana
Ku bata njiyaDirect - To catch a locust
Meaning - To fall
Ku biha mirhiniDirect - To be ugly in the body
Meaning - To be pregnant
Ku chuveka rinhlapfuDirect - To stop visiting a place you used to visit
Ku dya marhambu ya nhlokoDirect - To eat bones of the head
Meaning - Ku ehleketa
Ku dyeriwa mavele hi timpfuvuDirect - To have your maize eaten by hippos
Meaning - Ku tirha hi ku matimba ivi munhu a lava ku ku tekela ntshovelo wa mintirho ya wena
Ku faya nsikitiDirect - To kill an insect
Meaning - Ku humesa moya
Ku fundza marhaDirect - To inflate your chicks
Meaning - To crap on yourself
Ku hlanula swirhendzeDirect - To run away
Ku hloma matlharhiDirect - To arm with spears
Meaning - To prepare for war
Ku hundza muti rixileDirect - To pass a home during the day
Meaning - Crazy person
Ku luka manoDirect - To make a plan
Ku nantswa rintiho na xirhendzeDirect - To kiss your finger and hill
Meaning - Ku tsutsuma
Ku omeriwa hi butsuDirect - When your shoe dries up
Ku rhindza n'wetiDirect - Waiting for the moon
Meaning - It means to wait for something that is not going to happen
Ku siya va karheleDirect - To leave them tired
Meaning - To win.To be victorious
Ku tekela enhlokweniDirect - To take into consideration
Ku thlotlha timimpfiDirect - To stir or agitate wasps
Meaning - To stir trouble
Ku tlhoma tinsivaDirect - To encourage to do wrong
Ku tlula u nantswa tiloDirect - To jump and lick the sky
Meaning - To deny something
Ku tlulana milengeDirect - To cross each other's feet
Meaning - To fight. To quarrel
Ku tsema mubyaDirect - To renegade against parents advise
Meaning - To pass a point beyond where parents give up on advising you.
Ku tshova nengeDirect - To break a leg
Meaning - To impregnate a young woman illegitimately
Ku tshwa nomoDirect - To have a burnt mouth
Ku va na xifuvaDirect - To have a chest
Meaning - To be able to keep secret
Ku xibikulaDirect - To cry

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