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A list of Xitsonga proverbs translated to English.
  • A proverb is xivuriso in Xitsonga.
  • A proverb is a short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.
  • The translation in english are directed and some are interpretations.
  • The community is correcting the information on this page.
Masasani u fele nhoveniDirect - A person who helps people died in the bushes
Meaning - Those who help others in need normally do not get help when they themselves are in need
Masiku i tinguluveDirect - Days are pigs
Meaning - It means days are plenty
Mavala ya mangwa i man'weDirect - Stripes of a zebra are the same
Meaning - Women are the same
Mavoko ya munhu a ya mili nhovaDirect - Grass cannot grow on a human beings hands
Meaning - You must work hard to succeed
Maxinjani a xi khani ka mbirhiDirect - A squirrel cannot cross your path twice
Meaning - Present luck makes it more unlikely to obtain a similar luck in future
Mbita ya vovo yi dlele tingengendzaA person who is always sick tends to live longer than those who are more often in good health
Mbuti ya xihaha a yi tswaleli entlhambhiniDirect - A secretive goat does not give birth in a midst
Meaning - Timhaka to lava xihundla a ti vulavuleriwa evanhwini
Mbuti yi dya laha yi nga bohiwa konaA goat eats where it is tied
Mbyana leyi hanyaka yi tlula nghala leyi fekeA living dog is better than a dead lion
Mbyana loko yi lava ku ku luma ya n'wayitelaA dog smiles when it intends to bite you
Mbyana yo vukula a yi lumiA barking dog does not bite
Mfenhe a yi tivoni makovoA baboon can't see if he's ugly
Mfenhe loko yi khome vulombe yi famba hi milenge yinharhuA baboon with honey walks on three legs
Mhisi yi tlakule tshurhiDirect - A hyena stole the food basket
Meaning - Hunger has just attacked a family
Mhuti yi biwa ya ha ri na mahikaDirect - An Antelope is killed while is sighing
Meaning - Mhaka yi tengiwa/endliwa ya ha hisa
Mhuti yo tlulatlula Mangulwe u ta yi khomaDirect - An antelope which is jumping next to a dog named Mangulwe will be caught.
Meaning - A girl who becomes too close or playful to a boy who wants to propose marriage will eventually accept the proposal
Mintirho ya vulavulaDeeds speak
Mpfundla wa rivala cucululuA rabbit which forgot to run away from hunters
Muhloti wa tinyarhi ti vuya hi yenaBuffalos are chasing their hunter
Mundzuku i sikuTomorrow is a day
N'hwari mbirhi yin'we yi ta tshwa nkangaIf one tries to do more than one thing at the same time, one might not prosper
N'wana loko a nga rili u ta fela a dzobyeniA child who does not cry will die unnoticed at the back of his mother
N'wana u tseme mubyaA disobedient child
N'wana wa mfenhe a nga tsandziwi hi rhaviThe child of baboon does not fail a branch
N'wana wa nyoka i nyokaAn offspring of snake is a snake
Nchindzu makukulela ekuleMunhu wo tirhela ehandle a tshika ekaya
Ndlela ya khale yi hava muntwaAn old path doesn't have thorns
Ndlopfu a yi fi hi rimbambu rin'weDirect - An elephant does not die of one broken rib
Meaning - A man shouldn't give up because of one adversity
Ndzi nge dyeriwi hi ti mpfuvu ndzi nga rimangi enhlalukweniDirect - I will not allow hippos to eat my produce when I didn't even plough by the marshes
Meaning - Said to defend one's property or rights
Ndzi ta ku komba xancila wa bulubuluI will show you a mythical creature

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