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A list of Xitsonga proverbs translated to English.
  • A proverb is xivuriso in Xitsonga.
  • A proverb is a short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.
  • The translation in english are directed and some are interpretations.
  • The community is correcting the information on this page.
Nghala yi etlele na khwiri ra yonaA lion sleeps with its stomach
Nghala yi vomba exihlahleniDirect - A lion roars in the bush
Meaning - Munhu u tiya loko a ri na ka va vona
Ngoma a yi tichayiDirect - A drum doesn't beat itself
Meaning - An expert does not boast or talk about her skills, the skills talk for her
Ngwenya kelenge xivutla ni mindzekoDirect - A crocodile which is troubling people going to get water at the river for fun
Meaning - I munhu wo karhata ngopfu.
Nhenha yi vonaka enyimpiniDirect - A brave person is seen during war
Meaning - A person should display their strength and skills against their counterparts instead of boasting about them
Nhonga ya le kule a yi dlayi nyokaA stick which is far cannot kill a snake
Njiya a yi fani na murhohoDirect - A locust is not the same as a vegetable
Meaning - Little is better than nothing
Nkoka wo ya kule a wu na nyama A long trail doesn't have meat
Nkondzo i malahlaHelp a stranger who bewilds into your home, tomorrow you may bewild into their home
Nomu a wu taleriwi hi nambuA mouth can cross any river
Nsinya wa le ndzelekanini a wu na n'winyiA tree grown in the boundaries have no owner
Nyoka yo yi vona a yi lumiA snake which you can see can't bite you
Nyuku wa mbyana wu helela evoyeniDirect - The sweat of a dog finishes in it's fur.
Meaning - To work for no reward
Rihlampfu rintswa ri tiyisiwa hi le ra khaleA new branch is supported by the old one
Rintiho rin'we a ri nusi hoveOne finger cannot pick a grain
Risokoti ri dlele ndlopfuAn ant killed an elephant
Sasela vanunguHelping others
Siku ra ngati a ri tshwukiDirect - A day of blood is never red
Meaning - There's no warning before a tragic day
Timhisi ta mikoka yi mbirhi yin'we yi phatluka nyongaDirect - When a pack hyenas have 2 trails one hyena will break its leg
Meaning - If you try to do too many things at the same time you will fail
Timondzo to lombiwiwa a ti namarheliBorrowed horns do not stick
Timpfuvu timbirhi a ti tshami xidziveni xinweTwo hippos cannot stay in the place
Tinghala timbirhi ta chavanaTwo lions fear each other
Tinhlanga ta le ndzhaku ti tiviwa hi mutlhaveri wa tonaThe tattooing marks made on the back are known by the tattooer, not by the tattooed
Tolo a nga ha vuyiYesterday will not come back
U lumiwile hi mpfundlaDirect - He was bitten by a rabbit
Meaning - A man who is afraid to approach women or a man how is struggling to find a woman to love him
U nga dlayi nyoka u yi ndzuluta, ta micele ta ku vonaDirect - Do not kill a snake and swing it, the ones inside the holes are watching you
Meaning - U nga endli swilo swo homboloka u famba u ti bumabuma
U nga hlawuli nkuku wa mhangeleDirect - One must not choose the male of the guinea-fowl.
Meaning - This proverb is said to a young husband who might be tempted to prepare something for their babies before their birth, since you do not know if the baby is a male or female
U nga sahi nsinya hi vuxika, u ta tshwa hi mumu hi ximumuDo not cut the tree in winter, you will burn by sun in summer
U nga teki mali u bohela enengeni wa mpfuvuDo not tie money in the leg of hippopotamus
U nga teki sava u ba ngwenyaDirect - Don't take sand and hit a crocodile.
Meaning - Don't take the small you have and give to someone who has more

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