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Mama - Suck

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Mama is a Xitsonga word meaning "Suck" in English. Item has no rating. Help improve content quality by rating below or sending a suggestion

Definition of suck
- Suck n : the act of sucking [syn: {sucking}, {suction}] v
- Draw into the mouth by creating a practical vacuum in the mouth; "suck the poison from the place where the snake bit"; "suck on a straw"; "the baby sucked on the mother's breast"
- Draw something in by or as if by a vacuum; "Mud was sucking at her feet"
- Attract by using an inexorable force, inducement, etc.; "The current boom in the economy sucked many workers in from abroad" [syn: {suck in}]
- Take in, also metaphorically; "The sponge absorbs water well"; "She drew strength from the minister's words" [syn: {absorb}, {imbibe}, {soak up}, {sop up}, {suck up}, {draw}, {take in}, {take up}]
- Give suck to; "The wetnurse suckled the infant"; "You cannot nurse your baby in public in some places" [syn: {breastfeed}, {bottle-feed}, {suckle}, {nurse}, {wet-nurse}, {lactate}, {give suck}] [ant: {bottlefeed}]
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