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Minute - Minete

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Definition of minute
- Minute adj
- Infinitely or immeasurably small; "two minute whiplike threads of protoplasm"; "reduced to a microscopic scale" [syn: {infinitesimal}, {microscopic}]
- Immeasurably small [syn: {atomic}, {atomlike}]
- Characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination; "a minute inspection of the grounds"; "a narrow scrutiny"; "an exact and minute report" [syn: {narrow}] n
- A unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour; "he ran a 4 minute mile" [syn: {min}]
- An indefinitely short time; "wait just a moment"; "it only takes a minute"; "in just a bit" [syn: {moment}, {second}, {bit}]
- A particular point in time; "the moment he arrived the party began" [syn: {moment}, {second}, {instant}]
- A unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree [syn: {arcminute}, {minute of arc}]
- A short note; "the secretary keeps the minutes of the meeting"
- Distance measured by the time taken to cover it; "we live an hour from the airport"; "its just 10 minutes away" [syn: {hour}]
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