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Xitsonga Exercises

Exercise 6 - maendli

2015-10-10 - Translate xitsonga verbs into english exercise. select the correct translation below

Exercise 5 - mavito ya tinguva ta lembe ni ta maxelo

2015-10-09 - An exercise on seasons of the year and weather conditions. choose the correct translation

Exercise 4 - xitsonga plural exercise

2015-10-01 - Choose the correct plural for the nouns below

Exercise 3 - xitsonga past tense exercise

2015-09-25 - Choose the correct past tense for the tsonga word

Exercise 2 - xitsonga names translation exercise

2015-09-19 - Choose the right translation for the xitsonga names below, the exercise is timed at 5 minutes.

Exercise 1 - a xitsonga animal names exercise

2015-09-18 - Choose the xitsonga translation for the animals listed below. time for this exercise is under 5 minutes

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